Me & hubby, and our six kids.

Me & hubby, and our six kids.

I am a stay at home mom to six kids and happily married to a great guy! I do a bit of everything. I sew, crochet, write poetry, short stories, blog, I am a huge Harry Potterhead.
Every day is an adventure raising six kids. My husband and I have  3 together and 3 from a previous. He came into the relationship with a son and me with my two daughters, then we had 3 more, 2 sons and a daughter. So we are the Brady Bunch as some call us (which I secretly can’t stand lol)! So yes we have 3 boys and 3 girls… I love it! I am completely content in life and love to share my stories of insanity and love with you all.

My husband is an inspector for gas plants and refineries. We met on November 3, 2007 and got married June 20, 2009. He is a very opinionated guy. I love how he makes me laugh and speaks his mind. I have grown so much since I have met him and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with his crazy ass lol! You can like his page on Facebook. He is a gun fanatic and enjoys taking the family out with him to blow stuff up. 

I have several pages lol…. Aside from my blog page, A Small Village, I also have Hogwarts House Cup Games, Gryffindor Goddess Lily Minerva Black, The Garden of Pagan Knowledge and Crooked Heart Creations! I love to host giveaways on my Harry Potter pages and on my pagan page. Usually jewelry or herbs and stones.

My kids are crazy! Each of them smart, independent and brave! I couldn’t be prouder of them! My oldest is 15, he loves BMX and skateboarding. Then there is my 10 year old daughter, she thinks she is 15! She is very sweet and very giving. A friend once said she loved how she was a “free spirit” and I thought that described her perfectly. My 6 year old is definitely very unique. She is a big girl and has a good mouth on her lol. She loves to draw and write and sing! My 4 year old is simply that a 4 year old. It is the worse age in my opinion. They are not quite a kid and yet not a toddler. He is still trying to understand things like sharing and manners. He is a sweetheart though. He is always saying he loves his family! My 2 year old is a tornado. All over the place and gets into everything. He is always carrying a gallon of milk with his sippy cup to hunt down someone to pour it for him. And last is my 7 month old. She is a great baby. She is learning to do things very early way before my other kids. She already says mama, can almost sit up, been rolling over since 3 months, and should be crawling anytime soon.

It can be intense at times. Some weeks my husband works out of town so I am home with them. But we get by very well. Things are good more than they are bad. And I am thankful to have the greatest family I could ever have.