There are six days till December 21, 2012, the winter solstice, Yule, the shortest day of the year. It is also the day that many prophets predicted would be the end of the world or the end of this age and the beginning of a new age. I have been curious about this since the late 90’s when I first heard about the Mayan predictions. Since then I have researched and studied as much as I can to find out what will happen on this day. Granted, I have a terrible memory so much of the information has been lost along the years in my head and I have looked it up several times. Well the day is less than a week away and I am not sure what is going to happen. But I watched this video 2 days ago that described exactly how I have felt and what I hope happens. It said that star people created us long ago, I am guessing this is the caveman and neanderthals. They then came back later and created us in human form to resemble them. It was like an upgrade or as I like to call it… evolution. I also would say this is why there is not a missing link between the neanderthals and humans. Because a humans were placed here and they coexisted with the caveman evolving us into one species. Of course we started out as natives and we lived off the land. We appreciated the earth and were extensive Astronomers. We studied the stars and began to see a life pattern, as we recorded these patterns we were able to predict the future. Which is where all of our prophecies have come from… the stars. Coincidence that we came from the stars, we are all made of stardust. They consider us family, since we are made of the same stars as they are. Some may call them aliens, some may call them celestial beings, some may say they are not real, some may believe they are real. They gave a message to a light reader who passed on this message in a video which in turn made its way to me. It states that few star beings live among us now and that after the winter solstice they will come in mass numbers to the earth. They will be so abundant that the government will not be able to hide them from us. We will be aware of them and it will open up a whole new light, one I believe is the diminishing effect of religion. They are to teach us how to love and to find peace. The earth vibrates at a level that we can only be 3 dimensional. When they come we will be vibrating on a higher frequency that will make us and the earth fifth dimensional. Before that this can happen the earth will take two years to cleanse itself. I believe this is a time of storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, earth quakes, volcanoes erupting. The population of the earth will dwindle. Once the earth has little human life on its surface we will start to rebuild a new world, a peaceful loving world. The video states that during our two year cleans that the people who are bad natured will not survive, those who have bad intentions will no longer walk among us. I truly believe this is what will happen. I may be wrong but I am hoping I am not. Since I was a kid I have known that I would live to see mass destruction of the world and also live to see a new world. I have had dreams about the end, I have seen visions of it in my dreams. I have met people in my dreams whom I felt a strong connection with, yet I did not know them in my waking life. I now feel that these encounters were with star people. My dreams have always had answers for me and there are several I have had where people come down to earth in shuttles. I have had dreams about the earth being tilted on its axis which is also supposed to happen on December 21st. I just can not help but to feel that something extraordinary is about to happen. I also believe that myself and my immediate family will survive. I am looking forward to next Friday, aside from it being the day that I might find out the sex of the child in my womb, I am also excited to see what wonders will happen. I know I will be protected. I know my family and I will be safe!

I hope everyone takes a minute to watch this video and to appreciate it.

Light & Love.