I have always been a big Katy Perry fan and know most of her songs by heart. But I have children who also listen to her music. They were still young when the famous “I Kissed a Girl” song came out, yet they all sang it along with me. It reminded me of the song that came out in the 90’s by Jill Sobule – I Kissed A Girl which was one of my favorites too. Some songs of Katy’s are great, inspiring and motivational. But when the song “T.G.I.F.” came out I was asked what a Ménage à trois was by my then 7 year old. I just told her I would tell her when she was older or she will figure it out on her own when she got older. I remember learning what it meant at about 13 years old. She can wait a while!

So here is my interpretation of some of the Katy Perry songs that I like.

1. I kissed a girl – pretty much explains itself lol
2. Waking up in Vegas – Eloping with some guy she just met.
3. Hot and Cold – This isn’t too bad aside from using the word Bitch in the first verse.(which my kids are asking me if it okay to say bad words if they are singing them in a song.)
4. Teenage Dream – Whole song is about sex and in my opinion kind of encourages teen sex.
5. T.G.I.F. – Is about getting so drunk she doesn’t remember what happened the night before, such as a threesome, streaking, hickies, kissing, skinny dipping, taking shots, and getting arrested. 
6. California Gurls – having sex on the beach, wearing daisy dukes and bikinis (Snoop Dog says… Homeboys Bangin’ out, All that ass Hangin’ out, Bikinis, zucchinis, Martinis, no weenies, Just the King And the Queeny, Katy my lady, Lookie here baby I’m all up on ya Cuz you’re representin’ California.) So pretty much about looking like a slut on the beach!!
7. E.T. – I really do like this song…In my opinion, it’s about her wanting to have sex with an alien… which is a metaphor for having great sex with a hot guy… and the new look she did for the video for Katy Perry – E.T.was so fake. I believe she was being told by agents and managers that she needed to beef up her look to out do Lady Gaga who was wearing some freaky shit at the time.
8. Firework – Great song, inspirational and uplifting. Positive… no complains. Other than the lame ass first line of “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind,  wanting to start again?” Come on Katy, I know you could of written a better line than that.)
9. Part of Me – Great song! Teaches not to let anyone tell you who to be and what to be.
10. Wide Awake – Another great song. Teaches to be aware of your surroundings. Not to be depressed about love and how to get back up again. 
11. Roar – Great as well. Teaches to be strong and to be proud of yourself.

Here is my interpretation of some of the Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montana songs that I like.

1. The Best of both Worlds – it was catchy lol.
2. The Climb – Great song, inspirational
3. Party in the U.S.A. – Also a great song! It was a bit more different than before and it was positive towards the kids.
4. We Can’t Stop – Great song! It isn’t about sex or doing drugs, its about having fun…. but the video Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop is full of it! 
5. Wrecking Ball – The song is actually great too… well written, love the lyrics but again the video Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball  is completely full of nudity. 

Both of these girls are popular with the young kids ages 4 to I am going to guess 35 lol… I know four because my 4 year old son loves both of these girls songs.Last night my daughters were finding videos on youtube and they were watching Katy Perry – Teenage Dream. I had never watched the whole video through and when I saw my kids seeing Katy Perry nude I asked myself…. “Whats the difference between Katy Perry’s nude picture in Teenage Dream and Miley Cyrus’ nudity in Wrecking Ball?”


Yes, Katy’s picture is subtle, sweet, almost angelic because she is laying on a cloud… but it is still nudity… and I know this next picture is 100 times worse. Which I edited myself :)!

Small children are seeing this nudity, even if you take away their phones, internet, Ipads, tablets everything, they will always have access to it in some form, lets not forget the television too. I think it is making teenage boys and even grown men lust over girls like this. Which is normal I guess… Having a husband who isn’t ashamed to say he think’s Katy Perry is hot!

These are not the only two celebrities out there who are nude in their videos, but the reason I bring these two to attention is because I love all their songs. Even Katy Perry’s songs that are about sex, they are catchy good tunes and Miley Cyrus’ new songs, my kids love them! My 10 year old daughter says she HATES Miley Cyrus yet sings her songs when they come on the radio. I had never seen the Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball video until I saw my daughter watching it. I stood there watching for a good minute and a half in shock before my mother instincts kicked in and told her to turn that crap off! 

So I know everyone has heard the phrase “Sex Sells”. Well it is being sold to our children now. In the 90’s Camel Cigarettes had to remove Joe Cool the Camel off their boxes because it was a cartoon character and that was supposedly influencing kids to smoke. I was a teenager at that time and I did smoke but not Camels, I have always smoked Marlboro’s and the Joe Cool Camel had no influence on me to smoke that brand. 

I don’t follow the celebrity gossip too much. But I did read that Katy Perry and Russel Brand split up because he wanted kids and she didn’t. And now she is with John Mayer (who looks like a heroin addict). And that Miley Cyrus is fighting with her dad so that is why she is making all these controversial videos. Celebrities are people too, I guess they just have the money to express themselves and show it to the whole world… I can express myself through a small blog in hopes one person will see it.

So just from going through both of the lists of songs by Katy and Miley, I realized the first ones that Katy Perry came out with, were all sexual, and the more recent ones, turned to good positive motivational songs. As if a life change created new songs for her to write. With Miley all her songs are good but the recent ones are more risky than the sweet little country girl she used to be. I guess some people grow up and some people grow wiser.