This is a subject that I have been going over with some of my online friends from Facebook. It has always been said that men think about sex every 7 minutes. That guys are always horny and they just want a piece of ass. There is always that guy in the movie who tries to get the girl and she always thinks he just wants to get into her pants, but in reality I am finding out that it is not like that at all. It is usually the woman who want to have sex and the man who is making excuses about headaches and being too tired. So after talking with several women here is what I found.

First I will talk about my sex life after marriage.
The first 2 years we were not married, and sex was great… so great I got pregnant with our 4th child but he was our first one together. We got married shortly after he was born and sex kinda went up and down, no pun intended! Some times we were passionate yet it started dwindling down up until around June of this year. We would go months without sex because I got pregnant 2 more times and I just was never in the mood! I had a cerclage with my last 2 pregnancies, which made it uncomfortable for both of us. Yes the phrase “Once you get married the sex is gone.”, was very true in our relationship at the time. But now I have my tubes tied and my sex drive has gone off the charts ;). Of course we all have our days where we aren’t in the mood, but majority of the time I want to seduce my husband like he was Christian Grey! I may not show it, but I am thinking it. Sometimes I make a move but usually I don’t in hopes he does. But since I can not have children it feels like sex has become 100 times better, emotionally and physically. We have tried new things that I won’t go into detail about, ha ha! Anyways… I brought this up in two different chat groups with my close friends (whom I have never met yet have known them on Facebook for years due to our obsession with a book series and the other our religion of paganism.) I got several responses that I was not expecting!

“You are so lucky!” is the one I got the most! I am not going to mention names but I will tell you what they said from memory.
One says that she never gets any from her boyfriend because he is too tired all the time. I know that yes a man who works all day would be tired and not want to have sex, but a man probably would not turn down a blow job, which this certain guy does. 

One says she want’s to spice up their sex life, maybe have a threesome or have sex on the kitchen table or even role play and her boyfriend doesn’t want to do any of that. What guy doesn’t want to see his woman make out with another woman? I guess there are several who would be jealous? But that doesn’t seem to be the case, he just isn’t interested.

Another says her husband  is gone for months at a time and really needed to get laid bad! I told her about Pure Romance. I have several items from there and have had several girls night out parties where a consultant comes over to show items and play games. She said she had never used toys before. I hope she buys something… It is life changing 🙂

Another says that if she does get it it doesn’t last very long. My husband and I had sex for 3 hours a few weekends ago and they all said that they never get that. If they were lucky they got 5 minutes.

Another says that she has been told to go masturbate and watch porn by her boyfriend!! (Which I will admit I have told hubby to do the same) 

So why are men complaining that the sex dies after marriage? Sex dies during pregnancy I know this pretty well. But what about the guys out there who are young in their peak and just don’t want anything to do with sex? Maybe they are just not happy with their partner, maybe they really just are tired, maybe they just aren’t into sharing their significant other. But I am happy that I grow more and more attracted to my husband every day. I am open about my sexuality and I am glad that my husband likes to think outside of the box. I guess we are lucky to have each other, because apparently some men are boring