I will admit that I am lazy in the cleaning department. But recently since I started my Harry Potter Facebook page it has gotten worse! My husband finally put his foot down and said he wants the house clean when he gets home. I figure, I wake up at 10 a.m. and then be online till 2 p.m. and then clean till 6 p.m. when hubby gets home. That’s 4 hours computer time and 4 hours cleaning. It has been working out good so far, as my husband has said that there has been much improvement. But I was wondering if everyone cleaned every day. I do have six kids so it is hard to keep the house clean, because I am constantly picking up something here and there. I posted this question on my page A Small Village because I wanted to see what others said. 

This was my post:
Seriously do all of you Mothers out there, clean EVERY SINGLE DAY?? Yeah I know I have slacked lately because of my new Harry Potter page but I try to get things cleaned in the morning and the girls come home and it gets messy again, then I clean up after them before hubby gets home and its messy again by the time he does…. and yeah I don’t do it every day anymore because I get tired of putting up the same toys, dishes, trash, shoes, socks, crap that I just put away that ends back right where I picked it up from every single time. So…. just wondering… Do you do laundry, dishes, sweep and mop, plus cook dinner, pick up the same toys from the same places every single day???

My responses were great. One said that she didn’t even have kids yet and still had to constantly clean. Another said that cleaning was “the story of her life”. I got great advise from another mom about having the kids help me clean and how to reward them or to make cleaning into a game. Yet this is a something I have tried. It works with the older ones sometimes, but a 2 year old in the house is like having a small tornado in every room at all times. One mother said that she doesn’t do a hard core cleaning every day and that she just straighten ups through out the day. I try to do a hardcore clean at least once a week, yet I have been slacking there too 🙂 Another mother of 3 said that she cleans all the time because she can’t stand her home being dirty, (which were my husbands exact words lol). One mother said that her kids all clean, they all do their own laundry, clean the floors, unload the dishwasher, sweep, trashes & recycling, and feed the animals. Although it doesn’t get done every day she says her house is always a mess! And I agreed that no matter how much I clean or the kids clean, it never feels completely clean.

Having six kids means that my couches are covered in sharpie and have rips and holes. We don’t have a kitchen table to fit all of us yet and our dining room is too small so kids eat in the living room and that is at least 4 messes from the middle kids, because they can’t eat like normal human beings. I swear they were raised by monkeys 🙂 

So how do you feel about being home with kids and trying to keep the house clean and while folding laundry, cooking supper and breaking up fights or cleaning up spills that the kids made?