This is a picture of last years Thanksgiving tree that we made for Thanksgiving and Mabon. It is very easy to make and it is fun to have all of your guests write what they are thankful for when they come over for the big turkey day. 

These are the materials I used

A tin bucket I got at the Goodwill for 50 cents.
Leftover fish aquarium rocks/pebbles that we were not using anymore.
Leftover foam from a flower arrangement.
A nice sturdy tree branch.
Construction paper
a hole punch
and decorative fall flowers that I also purchased at the Goodwill for about $2

I put the Styrofoam into the bucket and stuck the branch into it and balanced it where it would stand up strait. I then filled it with the aquarium rocks to hold it into place better. I then stuck the decorative leaves and flowers in the tin bucket to hide the rocks and foam. I printed out a stencil of a leaf from Google images and traced them onto fall colored construction paper. I then punched holes in each leaf and put ribbon though the hole and tying it to make it hang on the tree. Once the tree was filled with leaves everyone who arrived on Thanksgiving filled out a leaf and hung it back on the tree. 
I had saved each leaf to keep for this year but we moved in February and they were left behind. So I will be doing this again with my kids. I will probably have to hit up the Goodwill again for some more goodies. 
Which below is another project I did all for about $5 from there. I love that store!!