I can not answer this question but I can tell yo how I feel! Homework makes me want to pull my hair out!!! School work is work that is done at school and Homework should mean work that should be done at home, such as chores, etc. My daughters are in 4th and 1st grade. They both have several pages of homework Monday through Thursday. I remember having maybe a page to do, maybe once a week or so when I was in those grades, back in the 80’s. My 1st grader has 2 to 3 pages a day to do. It is easy to help her but she would throw fits when it came to reading a paragraph and answering a question. An easy one too lol. But she would do her math homework without any problems. She has gotten a whole lot better now that the school year is halfway over and she now does her homework on the bus before she gets home.


When my oldest was in 3rd grade last year, she was in a different school and they had a ton more homework than she has now at this new school as a 4th grader. Last year the teachers told me that she needed tutoring and that she probably wouldn’t pass the STAAR test. I was worried about her failing, she was stressing about it too. She had regular homework plus extra homework to help her with that damn test. Which I am totally against, but that will be a new blog!

Some of her work I didn’t even understand. I have never been good at math and she isn’t either. Good thing dad is because he always ended up helping both of us do her homework!

At the beginning of this year she was struggling but is improving. She is in a new school, and it is year round school, and she didn’t have to wear uniforms like at her old school. And she would stress about not having her friends.

So in my opinion they have way too much homework and from the Friday packets they bring home full of their work, it shows that they have already learned what they are having to do for homework. I think school work should not be brought home! What is the point of sending them to school for 7-8 hours and then making them come home and still do school work. I might as well home school and make them have just 3  worksheets a day instead of a whole day of school work and then coming home to spend an hour or two more longer on school work. Plus they recommend reading 15 minutes everyday. Which I do not enforce everyday, yet I usually catch them both reading on their own.

I asked a few others about this topic because I was wondering if any other parents felt like I do or if they were happy with the homework.

A friend of mine, Tiffany Cisneros (Also check out her beautiful new born photography page here) home schools her kids and she says ” It’s so stupid. I’ve heard from some VERY biased anti-public school’ist that it’s the governments way of not only controlling your kids for the 8 hours they are in school, but also controlling them when they get home, too. I realize that’s a bit sided!” I very much agree with her comment. I do think school work should be left at school and family time should be at home.

Traci Estes-Caldwell also feels the same saying, “I have never believed in sending kids home to do another 3 hours of school work after already working for 8 hrs. I feel homework takes from family time. And when we have to help one with homework then we our selves are robbing the other children of family time.” This is definitely an issue at my house, with six kids, I have to help the girls with their homework plus that is usually dinner time so I am trying to cook and clean at the same time, while also trying to comfort the baby or breaking up a fight with the boys. If they did not have homework then they would be able to help me with dinner and with the kids!

I laughed out loud when I read my friends comment! Christine Whirley Ford says, “WAY too much!! Maybe it’s just that my 5th grader procrastinates but it always seems like there’s so much to do. & she never understands the math lessons. So we get out the book. That’s not what we learned. WTH?? We are NOT smarter than a 5th grader in this house!” In my case, I can agree because I am not smarter than a 4th grader with some of this work they bring home. Luckily Dad is very good with math and he didn’t even finish high school lol.

Coleen Hooker-Guild (52) says she remembers when her boys were in school and in college they had a lot of home work! I can understand college students having homework because that homework is actually helpful towards a career. But as a child, they need to spend time with their family instead of stressing over a test that can fail them, even if they are passing regular subjects.

Another friend of mine,  Amber Quiroz says, “It’s getting easier for us. My daughter’s 2nd grade homework was HARD!! Now she is able to do most of it on her own (now in 4th grade). She always has spelling and vocab words to work on all week long, tests on Friday. If she doesn’t finish something in class it is sent home and due back by Friday. I think her teacher this year is awesome (she was also my 3rd grade teacher)!” I thought that is neat that her daughter had the same teacher as her mother. It does seem like the work my oldest daughter had before was more than it is now. She usually says she does it on the bus, but when she has choir practice she doesn’t get the chance to start it. I think that as she is getting older she has gotten into the swing of things and I actually like that they started doing their homework on the bus. And when I check there aren’t any mistakes.

One of my very close friends who is also family Vangie Torres says, “I sometimes wish I could be in class to say “are you serious”. I hate hearing “but my teacher said we have to learn it this way for the STAR test.” Hmmm how bout teaching practical usage or everyday applications. There is no general career in STAR taking.” This was my main problem last year where they had to take benchmarks every other week and if they failed the benchmark that put them on a tutoring list. Well after a few weeks of tutoring and meetings about my daughter being held back, we were in the middle of moving and so I waiting for her to finish her STAAR test and then I withdrew her and put her into the new school since we were in a new district. She used those same exact words…”But we have to do it that way because that’s how it’s done on the STAAR test!” It drove me crazy. But I think they had no clue what they were talking about. A few weeks later I received her STAAR test results and she excelled above average in every subject! I do not know how they do the test in our new school district, but I guess I will be finding out soon.


And with our new school having a week off every six weeks (intersession) because it is year round, they always send home projects to do (homework in my opinion)! Some of the projects have been easy and a whole lot of fun, and some of them I had to pass on because they require going out and buying new supplies that I simply can not afford at all times. Which also brings me to another complaint about the school. I bought my kids crayons, markers, glue, scissors etc… for them to use at school. But the first week of school they kept bringing home home work that required all these supplies that I had already bought and sent to school! And I don’t like keeping markers, crayons or anything that ruins my white walls lol. and I have bought about 5 more packs of crayons for them to use just for homework but with a 6 year old who loves to draw and a 4 and 2 year old who like to sneak them away and decorate their walls it is hard for me to keep them in my house!

So I am going to look into homeschooling for next year. I feel kind of bad that the kids wont be able to mingle and make friends but then I will have more time to take them to play dates and also get to meet the other home-school groups in the area. I am not a hundred percent on this as I have six kids and 4 will be home-schooled.

But I do enjoy having the year round school. They get off early every Wednesday and I just realized they will be out for 4 weeks for Christmas vacation!


This is me not my kids lol!! Especially those projects they want done during Intersession.

So how do you feel about homework? It is good for your kids? Do you think it is helpful to their education? Or do you feel it should be left at school and let the kids be kids after school?