This topic got a bit heated when I asked for opinions on my blog page A Small Village. I always liked the idea of putting up the tree on Thanksgiving night, but I have never actually been able to do that since I have had kids of my own. When I mentioned it to my hubby, he gave me the, ‘You are crazy!’ look, mostly because keeping a 2 year old away from a tree with pretty lights and breakable things is a pain in the ass the whole month of December,  so why add more to that lol. I hate to say it but I am agreeing with my husband, (shhhh, don’t tell him that!), to wait until December 1st, which falls on a Sunday this year and that is perfect. I am mostly excited this year because we are in a new home with a chimney. I have a whole bunch of my husbands’ late mothers Christmas decorations that I was was only able to use once at our old house. I also get to hang the stockings from the mantle as well. Time to take down the liquor bottles I have decorating the mantle now and put up the Christmas cheer!

But back to what I was saying… some people did not like the idea of decorating for Christmas in November, and some said that they had started decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. 

Last week, Amanda Flanigan said, “We have some of our Christmas decorations all ready up. I want to put the tree up tonight if I have time.” 

A friend of mine, Candice Ketchum, says, “Thanksgiving night the “fake” tree goes up and the indoor decorations, the day after Thanksgiving we do outdoor decorations. Kids take part in the indoors, but loose interest out doors.” 

I on the other hand can not wait to do the out door as well as indoor decorations. We were given some inflatables last year and I didn’t get to put them up, so that will be really fun to have! I never have had the big huge ones, just the little Frosty and Rudolph from the Dollar store.

I have to agree with Fiona Kelly when she says, “We decorate December 1st though, to be honest I was ready to decorate right after Halloween this year for some reason. Guess I am just looking forward to it this year for the kids.

That is also why I am looking forward to it for the kids! I have some fun stuff in store for the month of December and decorating is what jump starts getting into the spirit!

My Grinch of a husband as he was called in the thread said, “Why can’t we make it through one holiday before we start celebrating the other?”

Jamie Styer-Lloyd said that she agreed with my husband, saying, “Thanksgiving is actually my fave holiday, and Christmas tramples it.”

April Milewski says, “The best time is when you have the feeling.” Which is how I have always done it in the past. Usually because I get carried away with everything else going on that time just goes right by me and I end up decorating a week or two into December. 

Melanie Hartke says, “Early November! I can’t get enough Christmas!

Out of the 18 responses I got from my blog question six of them were in favor for decorating December 1st or after. Four people said they did it Thanksgiving night, three said after Halloween. Three said whenever they felt like it and two said the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So as much as I want to pull out the inflatable Santa Clause and the tree tomorrow night, I will wait till December 1st. But I did put up the count down to Christmas magnetic board I have, lol… I gotta throw a little Christmas into my home, only 3 days left till December anyways!