When we woke up this morning we found a scene that looked like Chuck and Randall were having fun with Buzz Lightyear and Captain America while we were sleeping.Image

I asked the kids their opinions on what they thought they could possibly be doing.

Trinity says that she thinks they were playing tag and that Captain America fell down and was trying to climb back up the cord to the blinds. Image

Lacey said that she thought that they were playing hide and go seek and that is why they were behind the blinds.


And Logan said that they were swinging from the strings like acrobats during the night and Captain America fell and they were throwing candy canes at him and laughing at him for falling. Lacey did not approve of this as she said, “That would be mean and Chuck and Randall would not laugh at Captain America!”, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes as if that was just ridiculous.


But I agreed with Logan! To me it looked like Captain America was hanging on for his dear life while, Randall, Chuck and Buzz laughed their butts off throwing candy canes at him. I jokingly said that maybe they had drank too much eggnog. Apparently Captain American can’t hang with the big toys!

After they all said their stories we read the reports that Randall had in his satchel.


They were well behaved yesterday. Trinity had her Christmas play that I was not able to go to but she looked so beautiful. Lacey did her chores and Logan played with Emma. Trinity even wrote some letters to the kids, pretending to be Chuck for them to open in the morning.

Day two was a success! Luckily there was not a mess for me to clean this morning, but we shall see what kind of fiasco they have planned for tonight, in the morning!