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When we woke up this morning we found a scene that looked like Chuck and Randall were having fun with Buzz Lightyear and Captain America while we were sleeping.Image

I asked the kids their opinions on what they thought they could possibly be doing.

Trinity says that she thinks they were playing tag and that Captain America fell down and was trying to climb back up the cord to the blinds. Image

Lacey said that she thought that they were playing hide and go seek and that is why they were behind the blinds.


And Logan said that they were swinging from the strings like acrobats during the night and Captain America fell and they were throwing candy canes at him and laughing at him for falling. Lacey did not approve of this as she said, “That would be mean and Chuck and Randall would not laugh at Captain America!”, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes as if that was just ridiculous.


But I agreed with Logan! To me it looked like Captain America was hanging on for his dear life while, Randall, Chuck and Buzz laughed their butts off throwing candy canes at him. I jokingly said that maybe they had drank too much eggnog. Apparently Captain American can’t hang with the big toys!

After they all said their stories we read the reports that Randall had in his satchel.


They were well behaved yesterday. Trinity had her Christmas play that I was not able to go to but she looked so beautiful. Lacey did her chores and Logan played with Emma. Trinity even wrote some letters to the kids, pretending to be Chuck for them to open in the morning.

Day two was a success! Luckily there was not a mess for me to clean this morning, but we shall see what kind of fiasco they have planned for tonight, in the morning!


Saturday I was just itching to pull out the decorations, although I said I was going to wait till Sunday. But I eventually found myself deep in a small corner of my garage pulling out decorations and stockings and lights and lawn decorations. I hear the garage door open and my son comes strolling out very curious and lost looking, “I can’t find mommy anywhere!” he said to dad.

I peeked my head out from behind a box with a huge grin on my face and he and my husband spotted me, surrounded in red stockings and green garlands and glittery stuff everywhere. As soon as my son realized what I was doing his face lit up like a light bulb.

“Ohhh Can I help? Can I please? Mommy I want to decorate everything!” I told him to start taking boxes in and setting them by the mantle. We removed all the empty liquor bottles and replaced them with an actual small village called Snowflake Village. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted a home with a chimney to decorate with a little town on the mantle and to hang stockings from it. I am so glad that I am able to give this dream of mine to my kids. But theirs comes with a little bit more magic. Chuck is our Elf on the Shelf and Randall the Reindeer is our Naughty and Nice Reporter.


I could post all the pictures but I won’t lol… but you can see the full album of decorations here.

I decorated Saturday and on Sunday morning, Chuck the elf and Randall the reindeer appeared among the decorations.


I told the kids we would read the books before bedtime and put them up on the mantle.



Trinity read Randall’s book and I read Chucks, then they got ready for bed. I reminded them that they have to go to sleep so Chuck and Randall can tell Santa if they were naughty or nice. My oldest daughter went right to bed, but the boys would not go to sleep. At 11:30 p.m. my 4 year old was finally wearing down.

Earlier that day my six year old daughter was being very ugly to me and she called me lazy because I asked her to help me peel potatoes for mashed potatoes. Yes, she was sent to her room!! While I made supper, my oldest daughter played with the baby, keeping her entertained so I could cook, usually the baby likes to want attention when I am the busiest. None of the kids realized that Chuck and Randall were watching them the whole day through.

This morning the kids woke up to a big mess in the kitchen. Chuck decided he wanted to make hot chocolate with dads coffee maker and spilled powder everywhere, then he hung upside down to drink it through a straw. Logan, four, was amazed at how he got from the mantle to the kitchen all by himself, and he was not happy about the elf not sharing the hot chocolate with him.

“Why did’t he wake me up?” Logan asked!


I said “Well maybe because Randall didn’t have a good report to send to Santa.” I then showed them the Reindeer report.


My four and six year old who are the “believers” were totally two different kids than they were yesterday. Lacey was not happy that she was put on the naughty list but instead of throwing a fit, she cried a little then she did her homework, cleaned her room, helped me pick up a little and put on her pajamas when she was told to the first time. This is not my Lacey at all LOL. She does not like to clean or do homework or do anything without complaining the whole time. I didn’t even tell her to clean her room and she did it all on her own.

“If I am good today, will Randall and Chuck put me back on the nice list?” she asks looking as if her whole life was at stake here. I told her of course he can send a nice reindeer report to Santa when Chuck goes to see him at night, depending on how she behaved. She has been very well behaved all day since she got home from school. I told her by Christmas we are going to count up how many naughty reports they had and how many nice reports. If they have more nice reports then they will get gifts instead of coal.

As for Logan, he was not happy either when I read him the report. His way of being good was taking Trinity’s good deed of playing with Emma from the day before. He has played with her all day, making her laugh, tickling her and helping me find her bottles and pacifiers. But in the other departments of being a four year old he has not been good lol. He has been fighting with his brother all day and threw a fit when I wouldn’t let him play on my Kindle. I have just been reminding him that Randall is watching him and making notes for Santa. When I tell him this he does settle down a bit, but I do have to remind him constantly. It is now bed time and so we will see how he does about staying in his room and not sneaking into the kitchen for midnight snacks.

If only my 2 year old understood who Santa was that would be perfect. But he is still the little tornado and couldn’t care less about a naughty or nice list. He doesn’t know that in 23 days he will wake up to a pile of toys under the tree. All he wants is his milk and says “Wow” when I turn on the lights to the village on the mantle.

So the first day of having Chuck and Randall here went very well. Even though I think Chuck snuck out of the house last night and broke the transmission in my car lol, but that is a whole different story.

I can’t wait to see tomorrows reports from Randall and what craziness Chuck has in store for us while we are sleeping tonight.


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This topic got a bit heated when I asked for opinions on my blog page A Small Village. I always liked the idea of putting up the tree on Thanksgiving night, but I have never actually been able to do that since I have had kids of my own. When I mentioned it to my hubby, he gave me the, ‘You are crazy!’ look, mostly because keeping a 2 year old away from a tree with pretty lights and breakable things is a pain in the ass the whole month of December,  so why add more to that lol. I hate to say it but I am agreeing with my husband, (shhhh, don’t tell him that!), to wait until December 1st, which falls on a Sunday this year and that is perfect. I am mostly excited this year because we are in a new home with a chimney. I have a whole bunch of my husbands’ late mothers Christmas decorations that I was was only able to use once at our old house. I also get to hang the stockings from the mantle as well. Time to take down the liquor bottles I have decorating the mantle now and put up the Christmas cheer!

But back to what I was saying… some people did not like the idea of decorating for Christmas in November, and some said that they had started decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. 

Last week, Amanda Flanigan said, “We have some of our Christmas decorations all ready up. I want to put the tree up tonight if I have time.” 

A friend of mine, Candice Ketchum, says, “Thanksgiving night the “fake” tree goes up and the indoor decorations, the day after Thanksgiving we do outdoor decorations. Kids take part in the indoors, but loose interest out doors.” 

I on the other hand can not wait to do the out door as well as indoor decorations. We were given some inflatables last year and I didn’t get to put them up, so that will be really fun to have! I never have had the big huge ones, just the little Frosty and Rudolph from the Dollar store.

I have to agree with Fiona Kelly when she says, “We decorate December 1st though, to be honest I was ready to decorate right after Halloween this year for some reason. Guess I am just looking forward to it this year for the kids.

That is also why I am looking forward to it for the kids! I have some fun stuff in store for the month of December and decorating is what jump starts getting into the spirit!

My Grinch of a husband as he was called in the thread said, “Why can’t we make it through one holiday before we start celebrating the other?”

Jamie Styer-Lloyd said that she agreed with my husband, saying, “Thanksgiving is actually my fave holiday, and Christmas tramples it.”

April Milewski says, “The best time is when you have the feeling.” Which is how I have always done it in the past. Usually because I get carried away with everything else going on that time just goes right by me and I end up decorating a week or two into December. 

Melanie Hartke says, “Early November! I can’t get enough Christmas!

Out of the 18 responses I got from my blog question six of them were in favor for decorating December 1st or after. Four people said they did it Thanksgiving night, three said after Halloween. Three said whenever they felt like it and two said the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So as much as I want to pull out the inflatable Santa Clause and the tree tomorrow night, I will wait till December 1st. But I did put up the count down to Christmas magnetic board I have, lol… I gotta throw a little Christmas into my home, only 3 days left till December anyways!


Since I didn’t have any of my supplies from last year I had to make do with what I had this year for our Thanksgiving tree. I even changed it up a bit because I had some new ideas.

First we got a branch off of a broken tree limb that had fallen into our yard from the storm the day before. Instead of taking off the leaves like we did last year, I decided to leave them on! I stuck the branch into a small vase filled with aquarium rocks and I didn’t even need the foam. The rocks held it in place perfectly. I then added ribbon to the vase and my daughter added ribbon to the branches.





Then I had everyone trace their hands on fall colored construction paper, cut them out and write what they were thankful for on them. I didn’t get to take a picture of my stepsons but he made one too!







And of course my hole punch was no where to be found and I am all out of hot glue sticks so I ended up having to staple the ribbon to construction paper. I figured since this year we are not having any company and the kids were having a good time doing it that they weren’t too concerned with how neat it looked lol.


The kids hung all the hands on the tree and then we put it on the mantle. I will leave it up until Sunday, when we put up the Christmas decorations. I am also going to keep all of the hands and save them for next year. Maybe I will come up with a new way to combine them and also see the difference in my children and what they are thankful for a whole year later. 



So this is our final product! We added some color to a tree branch with our hands, literally! And Viktor added some color to his complexion! 


Happy Thanks giving from A Small Village!



This is a picture of last years Thanksgiving tree that we made for Thanksgiving and Mabon. It is very easy to make and it is fun to have all of your guests write what they are thankful for when they come over for the big turkey day. 

These are the materials I used

A tin bucket I got at the Goodwill for 50 cents.
Leftover fish aquarium rocks/pebbles that we were not using anymore.
Leftover foam from a flower arrangement.
A nice sturdy tree branch.
Construction paper
a hole punch
and decorative fall flowers that I also purchased at the Goodwill for about $2

I put the Styrofoam into the bucket and stuck the branch into it and balanced it where it would stand up strait. I then filled it with the aquarium rocks to hold it into place better. I then stuck the decorative leaves and flowers in the tin bucket to hide the rocks and foam. I printed out a stencil of a leaf from Google images and traced them onto fall colored construction paper. I then punched holes in each leaf and put ribbon though the hole and tying it to make it hang on the tree. Once the tree was filled with leaves everyone who arrived on Thanksgiving filled out a leaf and hung it back on the tree. 
I had saved each leaf to keep for this year but we moved in February and they were left behind. So I will be doing this again with my kids. I will probably have to hit up the Goodwill again for some more goodies. 
Which below is another project I did all for about $5 from there. I love that store!!



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